Google cloud technical solution engineer job details

Intel help!
Nov 17 2 Comments

Currently there is a job posting over LinkedIn for Google cloud technical solution engineer (at seattle and kirkland location). I have similar profile and interested in applying to this job. but not sure what to prepare for interview? Is it going to have leetcode style questions?

If you have any info about this role, please help me in understanding-
1) How to prepare for the interview?
2) Is this department in Google has stressful work environment?
3) What one can expect from salary perspective for 4 yoe?


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  • Uber


    I coach people for behavioural interviews at high tech companies like Amazon, FB, Pinterest etc.
    I am hearing a lot of behavioural questions for solution engineer roles. DM me for paid behavioural coaching.
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  • New bas7t
    1) they will mostly be too much Linux troubleshooting and network questions then just 1 or 2 easy programming questions.
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