Google headcounts - NYC/MTV - when will hiring freeze end??

New howlong
Aug 18 16 Comments

So its not a very new topic, sure there are similar concerns, but more than anything its a matter of huge patience.

Hey there any Google insiders, any idea on what is cause of this hiring slowness and head counts issue?

Have been asked to wait for more time, not sure what it means eventually.


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  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    Join another company. If you are good enough to get offer from google, you can get others as well.

    Google is not a mythic paradise everyone should wait in line to get into. Lots of good companies out there now.
    Aug 18 0
  • Google / Eng dQhE47
    I'm about to quit, so someone can have my job.
    Aug 18 6
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Workers of the world, unite!
      Ditto here.
      Aug 18
    • Google _fake_
      Aug 18
    • Amazon conchita
      What kind of company is Ditto?
      Aug 18
    • Google workfrom🏝
      Aug 19
    • Google sooner y
      Me too
      Aug 19
  • Adobe AaDdBb
    Is there hiring freeze in the Bay Area? The recruiter (NYC) said that some people matched with teams in the Bay Area and asked me if I would consider it...(L4)
    Aug 18 6
    • Northrop Grumman wpRBoH9
      Also recently matched in MTV
      Aug 18
    • Bloomberg Enig16
      When did you pass HC?
      Aug 18
    • Northrop Grumman wpRBoH9
      Couple weeks ago.
      Aug 18
    • Adobe AaDdBb
      Northrop how long did it take for you to find a team ?
      Aug 28
    • Northrop Grumman wpRBoH9
      1 week
      Aug 29
  • Anyone know whether Google Seattle or San Francisco have open headcount?

    I might just apply to those offices if there are
    Aug 19 0