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Applying to Google and figuring out job levels
1.There’s a role at Google - Manager, Content Partnerships - YouTube that lists 6 years work ex in partnerships as required and 12+ years experience in media as preferred . How senior would this role be? What level? Would it be an IC role?
2. There’s another role at Google titled Head of Product Partnerships - YouTube that lists 15 years of experience as minimum. How senior would this role be? What level?
3. How would the above two roles compare to Amazon L7?
4. Does Google hire external candidates from India / ANZ for Singapore roles at senior levels?
5. Google interviewing is notoriously slow. How long do they usually take from application to offer?
6. Fed up of toxic environment at work. If I quit Amazon without a job in hand, take a sabbatical and then apply to Google / other companies, how does it impact my negotiation?
7. How does Google comp match that of Amazon for non tech roles? Does Google match / exceed / lower comp?

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  • Yahoo DEA274
    For me the process took almost half a year from application to offer. Initial offer was very low w/o a competing offer.
    Feb 25, 2018 0
  • Google exsg
    Not sure about Amazon but the non-eng levels at Google are completely different than eng so I wouldn’t use any of the comp numbers thrown out here as a point of comparison. 1 is definitely an IC role, probably the equivalent of an L5
    Feb 25, 2018 0