Google massage credits

New / EngNooglerJoy
Nov 15

How do Google massage credits work?


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  • Northrop Grumman iCallBS
    U pay fiddy dolla 4 happy ending!
    Nov 150
  • Google iHOG86
    Congrats on your offer!
    Nov 151
  • Spotify Ehi194
    Go/rub I believe and it should all be there. Book a massage with your points and you’re good to go. I can’t remember the 30 min vs 60 min breakdown though. And you can pick between chair and traditional table massages. All hypoallergenic oils too
    Nov 151
    • New / EngNooglerJoy
      Awesome, thanks! Will be one of the things I check out as soon as I get intranet access. Counting down the days until my start!
      Nov 15

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