Google new grad negotiation

Microsoft M-x L3
Oct 15 13 Comments

Expecting offer soon -- (1) what's the max TC for new grad L3 at Google?
(2) Does it differ from industry hires and if so, can I argue that 5 internships is exceptional and different from new grads?
(3) Can I use CoL as justification for more TC (Chicago vs bay area is a very large difference)?

For those about to comment "get / depends on competing offers," I have competing offers from quant firms (detailed at bottom). I'm also expecting offers from quant firms in NYC (higher CoL, should be higher than this one)

For those about to comment "you're not worth that much as a new grad," in trading, a rule of thumb for fair value is somewhere above the highest bid (aka job offer in this context). I hope you get higher TC soon.

offer (quant firm in Chicago):
150k base
50k minimum first year bonus, 75k target, expected to grow very fast (much faster than RSU + refresh at L3)
50k signing
TC: 200(min) or 225(target) + 50 in lower CoL region


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  • Facebook 03!;9/),9
    Which quant firm is this? Please dm if you don’t want to post on here
    Oct 16 4
    • Google swoz
      Definitely Citadel
      Oct 16
    • Akuna Capital Xajajwbml
      this is also generally what akuna’s new grad offer is
      Oct 16
    • Citadel Securities / Eng bluetiger
      Looks low for Citadel. I would guess Akuna or Optiver maybe
      Oct 16
    • Google swoz
      That’s not low for Citadel... that’s their standard new grad offer
      Oct 16
  • Google WFHeng
    1. 280k 2. No, doesn’t matter if you have 100 internships 3. Yes
    Oct 15 6
    • Facebook


      Google, Apple
      What’s the breakdown of the 280k?
      Oct 15
    • Google WFHeng
      145k base 450k (signon + rsu)
      Oct 15
    • Dell LUHV04
      Hello WFHeng ,

      What’s the max and average TC for L5 ?
      Oct 15
    • Google lqHB55
      145K base for a new grad L3? Lol, that’s almost mean L4 Base.
      Oct 15
    • Google lqHB55
      Most L4’s I know, make around that much TC, best of luck getting that
      Oct 15
  • Eigen 🔥blind
    Why so may high flyers @ Chicago man
    Oct 15 0


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