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I am trying to get a job at Google and i am a little confused by the roles. Previously i had tried for some senior financial analyst roles that were apparently an L5 or above.

Now I looked through and found some roles like this and my friend was saying that she thought these would be graded as L3/L4 and are too low.

I have been with Vanguard over 7 years and am doing a part time MBA in the bay area commuting and going to school on the weekends. I have a finance degree but have been more focused on delivering data to others with projects and not actual financial analysis so i am not ready for finance jobs yet. I am looking for a good intermediate role at Google that is in a business or project management that doesn't require technical skills like SQL, Python or anything which i am in the progress of learning.

If you would like more details or my resume please DM me. Thanks!


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    google likes to downlevel. 7 yoe and L4 is not unheard of, especially non-tech.
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