Google or Lyft?

Amazon HQgM88
Aug 7 21 Comments

Considering L4 offers from both. My Lyft match seems to provide better work opportunities for career growth. Also Lyft offers more TC than Google. But Google is more stable and I can always try internal transfer if I do not feel challenged.

Lyft : ~$330k TC with a $170k base.
Google : ~$270k TC with a $160k base.

My concerns are:
Recession making life more stressful at Lyft than Google.
The difficulty of pivoting to Google if I end up unsettled at Lyft and start looking for new openings in the midst of a hypothetical recession.

Currently 3 yoe, making $200k TC - would be $165k without stock growth. Stressing trying to figure out the right choice in the face of uncertainty. Anyone have any advice to ease my troubled mind?

Edit : thanks guys for the opinions



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  • Salesforce DREAMkid
    Google for sure. $60k difference to me is not worth it.

    See if Google can match your offer.
    Aug 7 2
    • Microsoft justbale
      No way google can match. 60/270 is more than 20% it’s definitely worth it. Go with lyft.
      Aug 7
    • Salesforce DREAMkid
      Nah.. the future of Lyft looks pretty uncertain. If it was Uber I'd prolly take it.
      Aug 7
  • Adobe / R&D Spidey™🕸️
    Why are people so worried about recession?
    Aug 7 3
  • Lyft 6fd5wxo5z
    This early on, I’d say Google. Once you have that experience come to Lyft
    Aug 7 0
  • FileMaker / IT Hawas
    Can You please tell about the interview at google? What was the level of leetcode asked? Medium or hard? Also did you choose for 4 coding or 3 coding + 1 sys design?
    Aug 7 3
    • Amazon HQgM88
      For L4 and below you can request to only do coding rounds. I felt that they were basically leetcode mediums. If I were to do it again I wouldn't have focused so much on struggling through hard's, more on getting through mediums fast.

      And also don't expect to see an exact leetcode Q on your interview loop.
      Aug 7
    • Walmart / Eng bonnyjair
      Did they ask a lot of DP and recursion based questions or was it equally divided with graphs trees etc ?
      Aug 7
    • Cerner / Eng

      Cerner Eng

      No dp/graphs for me. Trees dfs bfs.
      Sep 25
  • Microsoft PuMT64
    Internal transfer before 1 year needs manager approval and that can be hard if you're not in good terms with your manager.

    Also, much less teams available in Seattle . You might not find a good fit.

    Careful what you wish for..
    Aug 7 3
    • Amazon HQgM88
      Yeah I've heard. ( anecdotally I know someone who left in like a month; I do not intend to though ). And it's Bay Area I'm going to.
      Aug 7
    • Amazon / Eng batou
      wait i heard Google has no restrict on when to do internal transfer.
      Aug 7
    • Microsoft PuMT64
      Nop, within first year you need to get manager approval.
      Aug 7
  • You will be an idiot if you reject Google and go for Lyft. Lyft employees cashing out and their stock is falling. By the time your stock vests, the stock might be below 20s and who knows it will be closer to GE. So, go for Google.
    Aug 23 0
  • eBay


    Which one did you choose?
    Aug 20 0
  • New numaye
    Can I ask how your experience was at Amazon? Were you L5?
    Aug 10 0
  • Kaiser Permanente QqOm60
    Wait for earnings call and see what happens, google is safer bet
    Aug 7 0
  • Google / Eng batmobile
    If you are planning to stay at the next company for a while, I would choose Google. Else, Lyft.
    Aug 7 0