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Google overload?

Palo Alto Networks miss2marks
Dec 2

What's up with all the Google folks in sales? Nikesh brings his guy Amit, more to come? I miss Wendy, always thought she was v. good and grounded. Anyone have any experience with Liane? She cool?


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  • Reddit 5‘6 Indian
    Da fuck is this
    Dec 20
  • Google KissMyPiss
    Lol OP doesn't know how to post in their own company's Blind feed.
    Dec 20
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Liane does not give a fuck about people, and she's a liar
      Dec 3
  • Palo Alto Networks / Eng

    Palo Alto NetworksEng

    Cisco, McAfee
    I would expect more former google people to show up sooner than later. It’s odd/interesting that google seems to have passed a stage in which it’s started shedding execs. I thought google was the promised land?
    Dec 30
  • Proofpoint / Engfoodtruckj
    Bringing Google people to Palo Alto Networks is not a bad idea.
    Dec 20
  • IBM gösser
    Gossiping is bad 👎
    Dec 20

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