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Microsoft aEHs15
Nov 9 4 Comments

Recently I was contacted by a Google recruiter. We have a call on Monday, l would like to know what to expect on call. We haven't discussed anything like teams or positions? He found me on LinkedIn and contacted. Till now not even he asked me my resume(my LinkedIn is updated always). I am wondering what can I ask in talk with recruiter. Can I ask him like which level I am going to be interviewed.? And I want to have some more time for preparation what is the good way to ask that I want to interview in mid January?


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  • Google Mauv02
    Any substantive teams discussion come much later, typically after you pass the onsite. Just ask to delay interview until January, they won’t care. They will ask you some background questions and what you are looking for. They may ask you some very basic technical stuff to ensure a phone screen isn’t a waste of time (honestly I can’t remember if they do this). You should ask any timeline/process questions. Level is a little more complicated as based on your experience you are somewhat in the grey area. Not sure if the recruiter will give you any specific indication but interviewers may be asked to determine best level fit during the onsite if you make it that far.
    Nov 9 0
  • Wayfair jacksmit
    This is not always obvious for other companies but I think Google is very good at it. The recruiter is your buddy. They want you in as much as you want in. They will explain the process, answer any questions you might have, give you material to prepare etc. It is common for candidates to take a month or two to prepare. They'll ask you to so no rush. Having said that, if they think there's no way you're passing the interviews they might not want to invest the time. Good luck!
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    • Microsoft aEHs15
      Thanks. Will the recruiter ask for a technical questions?
      Nov 9
    • Wayfair jacksmit
      They might ask things like what is your preferred language mostly to provide guidance. They will not try to assess your engineering skills
      Nov 9


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