Google recruiter says it was very close

Microsoft oekfkf
Feb 11

What does it mean? I have to wait 12 months? Basically bombed one interview where interviewer just asked me LC hard and didn't know how to give hints.

Oh well


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  • Google lumpi
    It’s just the recruiter being nice
    Feb 110
  • LinkedIn / Engbored🐷
    They are going to contact you next year. They got me at their third attempt😁
    Feb 110
  • I always got borderlined interviewing with G/F. But always on the same side of the line.
    Feb 111
    • MathWorks dmntim
      How did you feel you did personally? Were you surprised that you were borderline?
      Feb 13
  • GE kTnh03
    It's like your girlfriend telling you she can't date you anymore because her gynecologist said your penis is too big. I would much prefer the truth.
    Feb 111
    • Amazon / EngjNeo42
      I hate that, I’m still looking for the right fit.
      Feb 11
  • Did you go to HC? If so it was really close.
    Feb 110
  • They said that to me in my first interview when I failed it , I bombed it and didn’t feel close at all , I got to skip phone call on second interview but I got downlevelled and got a shit offer so idk if I will try again
    Feb 110
  • Google / Enggamala
    That sucks. Next time give the feedback to your recruiter (nicely!) that one interviewer didn't seem to give hints.
    Feb 110
  • A10 Networks e😂😂
    I had the same feedback when I interviewed at YouTube. To me they said that I can avoid phone round and FasTrack to onsite after 6 months.
    Feb 110
  • SAP / Eng


    Bio on blind!
    Mine said 6 months. Design round is not good enough. It has been 18 months but I didn’t attempt to contact her.
    Feb 110
  • ToKL28
    They might call you again. I've heard this happens
    Feb 110

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