Google team match referrals?

Lite-On Technology Lil-zoe
May 31 9 Comments


I completed L5 onsite at Google but the recruiter still hasn’t passed my profile to any hiring managers that are outside of their product area (cloud), and it’s clear the cloud teams aren’t a good fit.
I’ve been doing scalable Java systems/services. Maybe Ads would be a good area it seems. But I am not picky.

Since my recruiter hasn’t passed my profile on, is there anyone that has their team hiring or knows of any teams hiring that they would be kind enough to pass my profile to?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Google / Eng SundarPich
    Ads is a dumpster fire right now. Are you set on working with Java or open to other languages/frameworks?
    Jun 1 3
    • Amazon / Eng DeepObsess
      Can you elaborate? I'm exploring ads right now. GCP not willing to offer more than 340 for L5
      Jun 1
    • NetApp kaiku
      340 for bay area or Seattle?
      Jun 1
    • Lite-On Technology Lil-zoe
      In what way is it dumpster fire? I’m fine with sticking anything out for a year or so until I can switch. But I prefer something I can excel at, at first. That’s why I want to stick with Java. I’m low-intermediate to C++, I’d be too stressed ramping up on the language AND the google product and processes. So I’d rather just stick with something I can bring immediate value to, for now. Then be a generalist and help out in other frameworks.
      Jun 1
  • New / Eng blindor
    Why hasn’t your recruiter passed your profile on?
    Jun 1 2
    • Lite-On Technology Lil-zoe
      Still trying to find me matches in cloud. I’ve asked, still waiting.. no suitable match found yet
      Jun 1
    • Samsung fHHy34
      OP, how long have you waited for team match. Is your HC complete in cloud group?
      Jun 2
  • New pbYo77
    What's up with recruiters at Google being unwilling to pass profiles around? I had a similar experience and thought it was because I was coming in at L3. Sure didn't expect to see a L5 getting the same treatment.

    I would reach out to friends at Google and ask them to look at the internal job board. Might be worth asking the recruiter to target specific teams instead of PAs since PAs are quite broad.
    Jun 1 1
    • Lite-On Technology Lil-zoe
      I don’t quite know anyone in google. That’s why I’m reaching out on blind...
      Jun 1


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