Google vs. Microsoft Offer

Microsoft efns
Nov 11 16 Comments

Currently have two offers (new grad):

Microsoft (Seattle)
Base: 110k
Stock: 120k/3.5 years
Sign-On: 40k

Google (Bay)
Base: 120k
Stock: 100k/4 years
Sign-On: 15k

Google recruiter said Google is competitive with my Microsoft offer. Are these numbers fair? If not, what should Google be?


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Redfin y0lo3
    Google will have better refreshers.. Microsoft’s are peanuts..
    Nov 11 3
    • Redfin y0lo3
      But that comp in Seattle is a lot nicer than in the bay
      Nov 11
    • New QTdN03
      You can always leave MS after 2 years...
      Nov 11
    • Intel Djokovic
      But you can't necessarily crack Google after 2 years. Think of all the insane hours you will need to spend in Leetcode. Mind you.
      Nov 11
  • Google The Old Nite
    Whatever you'll accept is "fair".

    Turn down the Google offer, I bet they will come back with a better offer. Microsoft offer is better anyway, can always come to Google after a couple of years (3 vestings) as L4.
    Nov 11 2
    • Bloomberg j73ou9i
      It will take at least 3.5 years to secure L4 at Google from what I’ve seen in practice.
      Nov 11
    • Google The Old Nite
      I switched from Microsoft to Google (L4) at 2.5 YoE as did another friend at Microsoft. Another friend from Uber to Google L4 at 2.5 YoE.
      Nov 11
  • StockX / Eng cockydev
    Take the google brand name and run with it. Your exit options will be spectacular.

    Not that Microsoft’s would be bad..
    Nov 11 0
  • Salesforce tech_god
    You can push for more stock and sign on from Google. I would ask for 160k stock or a 50k sign on at least.
    Nov 11 0
  • Target horsepower
    At this point of your career, I would go with google. But if money is your prime concern, go with MSFT
    Nov 13 0
  • Microsoft / Product SerialPoop
    Factor in tax rate. Honestly money shouldn't be the primary decision making criteria at this stage. Pick whatever you think is better for your career.
    Nov 11 0
  • Bloomberg GO<GO>
    I thought Google also pays an annual performance bonus, equal to 15% of salary. Are you excluding that?
    Nov 11 1
    • Microsoft NrWF67
      so does Microsoft
      Nov 12
  • Amazon Newgrad🥜
    I’m a new grad in middle of negotiations . What works for me is asking my Bay Area offers to match Seattle offer after CoL and state taxes . That’s around 20-23% . Since both stock and signon is less , I’d say try to get that higher .
    Nov 11 1
    • Microsoft efns
      Are you negotiating with Google by any chance? My recruiter said they use cost of labor, not cost of living to compare different locations.
      Nov 11
  • Bloomberg j73ou9i
    It’s not worth turning down Google over peanuts. Just accept that your TC will be low for now and go for the better opportunity, which is clearly Google.
    Nov 11 0


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