Googler: Perf CME back to back

Aug 15 14 Comments

I joined Google last October as an L3 new grad, today just chat with my manager about upcoming perf cycle. He mentioned I'm borderline between CME and EE this cycle, and I'm sensing he's leaning CME from the tone. I already have a CME for my first cycle as a noogler so I'm pretty disappointed. So question:

1. How bad to have 2 CME back to back? Is it common? I want to promo in a reasonable time (~2yr)
2. Is it possible to jump 2 ladders from CME to SEE? Just want to know how rare this is.
3. Should I start looking for new teams I end up having 2 CME. Friends suggest me to do this as
it's a sign that manager don't care about you.

TC 175k


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  • Google SelfFlying
    This is horrible advice. If you joined a year ago and are on the edge of EE, you're doing fine. All is good. Don't get worries or do anything drastic
    Aug 15 1
    • OP
      Thank you for reply. I wonder if this is common or Cme then EE is more common. Just trying to figure out where I’m at...
      Aug 15
  • Your first one doesn’t count for only shows if they mislabeled you or if you were a bad hire.

    Your second review is your first real review. Don’t panic about not getting a promo yet.
    Aug 15 0
  • Bloomberg DINE<GO>
    Typically, you never want the same ranking at the same level back-to-back. I would not only look for another team, but start looking outside. If you get consistently meets expectations and you are not a terminal level, your third is probably going to be below CME anyway.
    Aug 15 6
    • Bloomberg DINE<GO>
      You want to show progression. Getting a third CME in a row at the same level shows no progression and it says you are not capable of it, so you will be let go. Getting below CME is the first way of letting you know.
      Aug 15
    • Nutanix 1adja134
      It’s been just under a year since you joined tho.
      Aug 15
    • Bloomberg DINE<GO>
      How often does Google have a review cycle? Most places it's a year.
      Aug 16
    • OP
      Its twice per year
      Aug 16
    • Google ShakeBake
      This is a bit exaggerated. If you stay at EE or higher for a while it’s OK. I have been at EE 6 times now and expecting #7 now, expressed this concern and repeatedly have been told no problem by managers.
      Aug 27
  • New ehufnc
    If that's your base I think you're hired at quiet high for L3. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with rating in Google.
    Aug 15 2
    • Google ……
      TC 175k is total compensation for OP's L3, not base
      Aug 15
    • OP
      If my base was that high must not be a L3
      Aug 16
  • Amazon yacht 🛥
    CME is good rating, but to help with promo you want to grow your ratings at your current level, so you want to have CME > EE > EE which will help out. Also since you are L3, you do want to get a promo to L4 at least and not stagnate at L3
    Sep 16 0


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