Got a solid idea - how to implement?

Cisco / EngzGcY85
Nov 25

Don’t have the coding skills to build it myself. Had a soft pitch convo with some VCs and they said “sounds fantastic. How much do you think you need to get it off the ground?” I was like “uhhhh I didn’t think I’d make it this far I thought I’d get torn apart on questions.” They were like “nah actually don’t have any that was pretty thorough.”

I have hand sketches and a mental roadmap of exactly what I want to do but to be clear there’s a fuck ton of data to compile and enter on top of the coding to build out the mobile / desktop apps + website.

Should I just start with a full 30+ page business plan? Prototype it somehow? Hire a freelancer to build the MVP? I need front end, back end, database, researchers to gather info to put into the database, there’s a lot of work and I don’t know where to start.


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  • Google bupkis2
    Sounds like the first step is to find a business partner who knows how to bootstrap a project from scratch. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is everything.
    Nov 250
  • Samsung bcdn07
    Be goal oriented...first major goal should be to earn that 1st $ of revenue. So working backwards from that
    1. Need a paying customer
    2. Need to convince customer of value of product
    3. Need a MVP that demonstrates sufficient value prop
    4. Need to build MVP
    5. Need to spec MVP
    6. Etc...
    Nov 253
    • Microsoft andy2653
      Actually many of today's popular apps did not have a solid revenue plan in mind when they launched. Just create a popular product, revenue will come after that mindset worked as well.
      Nov 25
    • Square Loud
      Monetize first = shit product. Startups 101 my friend.
      Nov 25
    • Cisco / EngzGcY85
      Part of the conversation with the VCs was whether I needed VC funding vs angel investing. They said generally, 99% of people seeking VC funding actually only need an Angel investor. VC funding is for when you don’t expect to make money for the first year or two or three or five as you grow. Which is what I expect. User base and experience will be the primary initial focus along with culling a shitload of data.
      Nov 25
  • Microsoft *cW2x91p
    dev > all
    Nov 250
  • Amazon thealpha
    I can help you.. ask your VC to give $2M... I’ll quit amzn & take 800K cash for year1 and some share as my TC :D
    But you’ll make it big :D
    Rest of the money will go for infra... and to contractors for mundane part of the project... and may be some to you 😂
    Nov 250
  • Microsoft Ink8i
    Did the VCs ask if you’d keep a full time job while working on it? Curious how they felt about that
    Nov 250
  • New VSwf01
    I can build mobile apps, backend and database systems. Ping me if you need help, I'm looking to get into something fun and exciting
    Nov 280
  • New / Other
    Call Me.


    Turned my beeper on.
    Call Me.more
    VC = Parents?
    Nov 250
  • Google / Engkaza
    Can't those vcs send you a tech cofounder?
    Nov 250
  • OpenDoor ajardoor
    Learn the skills you need to build a prototype yourself. You will learn way more about the problem you are aiming to solve and will be at least competent enough to evaluate a technical co-founder if that's your plan.
    Nov 250
  • Facebook tAXF40
    PM me the idea! I have some free cycles to code it up for you
    Nov 250
  • Amazon / Eng


    Partially agree. What matters more for raising funds seems to be active users and the growth rate, but this is true only very very early on in the game.

    To survive beyond say 2 years, without any revenue and without any plans for revenue, you’d need to be massively popular (think Twitter). It’s a far more saner approach to start with revenue as your mindset.
    Nov 250

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