Got contacted by internal AWS recruiter for engineering position

Infor RWjI10
Mar 11 2 Comments

Teams mentioned are EC2, Elastic Container Registry, ECS Kubernetes, Amazon Linux, and User Experience.

My current TC is 90k, which is fantastic for the small town I'm in. I really love my current job as a Linux devops engineer working in GovCloud, but I am wondering if this is an opportunity working jumping ship for. I'm currently a remote employee and don't want to move. Anyone know if AWS hires remote?


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  • Microsoft / Eng hbchhc
    I got contacted about a Boston/remote position, so I guess there's a chance, but recruiters really seem to spray and see what bites.

    It's up to you whether it's worth it. What could hurt by contacting recruiter with these questions?
    Mar 11 1
    • Infor RWjI10
      I did reply back and ask. We'll see how it goes!
      Mar 11


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