Got myself into the crossroads, again.

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Jun 19 7 Comments

tl dr; Not sure what to do after masters.

Hey, Blind community! My first post here. :)

So, I am currently finishing up my masters in the EU and confused where I would want myself to end up at. After my bachelors, I choose to work for a couple of years at a tech company (not FAANG, no leetcode required company) as a developer. The work was decent, but it bored my brains out. Finally, I got the courage to move to the EU and enroll in a masters program. I really loved my time here, learned how research works (I was from a no-name college with no chance of doing research in the undergrad), targetting to publish at a top conference next year. Would be graduating soon after my thesis.

Now, from what I understand, without a PhD, it's hard to score a research-oriented position (Please correct me if I am wrong) and I don't want to end up in academia. I feel rather spending my time reading papers and trying to publish something, I should be doing leetcode.

Your thoughts?


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  • Bloomberg / Eng iVX372
    Definitely publish at least one research project, since it sounds like you're close. If it's in an in-demand CS field, it will help you get a great job.
    Jun 19 2
    • New / Data waterdoor
      But I'll still have to go through leetcode style questions right?
      Jun 19
    • Bloomberg / Eng iVX372
      Of course. But if you were actually interested in your field, you should be motivated to work in it.
      Jun 19
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    • New / Data waterdoor
      I have been doing some "work". I have been working with a professor who's moderately famous in his field, worked on a couple of projects, took graduate level courses and will start writing my thesis soon and might even be offered a PhD. The problem is that I might not get a research position without a PhD and am not sure if I would want to go back being a web developer again. :/
      Jun 19
  • Amazon silver_fox
    I have a MS in CS and I’ve been in research positions since I graduated. I am currently an Applied Scientist at Amazon. Just having a masters does not exclude you from research positions. Yoe:7
    Jun 19 0
  • Oath Atinlay2

    So you did all that schooling but have zero idea what your goal was?
    Jun 19 1
    • New / Data waterdoor
      Exactly, I resigned because I wanted to learn how to "research", cause I couldn't do that in my bachelor's. Now I am confused I couldn't get a dev job or a research job.
      Jun 19


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