Got referred to Google. Next steps?

Sep 16 4 Comments

So I've gotten a couple email invitations from Google to apply for positions, as a result of referrals from former coworkers. I have 30 days to apply for up to 3 positions per invitation. Currently in exec management role. My contacts are helpful, but I'm wondering what insights or tactics you can share?

TC 330k


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  • Walmart ghu75v
    Typically you get to skip tech screen, followed by onsite.

    After onsite, hiring committee, if you pass HC you get the joy of waiting months for a team.

    Have fun, google interview process sucks
    Sep 16 1
    • Moody's / Eng HjDm88
      Is that interview process the same for someone who is in Executive Management? It sounds like you're describing an interview for a very technical role
      Sep 16
  • Roku duck duck
    How did you get into exec management role?
    Sep 16 1
    • Oath SVOG
      The old school way. Over 20 years in the valley working my way up from engineer to El Queso Grande...
      Sep 16