Grab Seattle still hiring?

Microsoft betaco
Sep 11 9 Comments

I heard the company just went through a freeze. Anyone working there knows if the Seattle office still has open headcounts?


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  • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
    You ever thought about the word 'headcount'? Like where does it come from and why do we say it? I get on the surface it's because the idea is you are counting heads. Like there is a physical group of people together and you want to know how many, you count heads.

    But why heads? Why not bodycount? That's used some, but it has a connotation that it refers to fatalities. Why? I guess a head implies they weren't decapitated so a bit of a bias toward them being alive. It's also more readily identifiable and people normally only have one. So it's a good thing to count if you're actually there with someone. And then I guess the phrase just carried over into business speak.

    Interesting word. Thanks!
    Sep 11 2
    • Amazon oyVu40
      Sep 11
    • Amazon 🤠==8
      Some use the term "buts in a seat".
      Sep 12
  • Grab WdJQ45
    Why would you want to join Grab?? The only teams worth joining might be the mobile team or the data insights team. Others are just not technically challenging or have bad culture. Some of the teams just have people from one ethnicity and it won’t work for you if you are from a different ethnicity. Some others have bad managers who don’t care about the projects or don’t take any updates. It’s like working for a government agency. Everything moves slow and not much to learn here. And they pay like shit but will tell you that it’s privilege to work for grab and you shouldn’t work here if you care about money.
    Sep 13 4
    • Microsoft betaco
      I hears they pay a lot for higher positions in the US and IPO-ing soon. What’s your working location?
      Sep 13
    • Grab WdJQ45
      Definitely not IPO-ing soon, especially after what happened to lyft and uber this year. These observations are for Seattle/Bellevue office only and they pay okayish at top levels. If they really want you then that’s another case.
      Sep 13
    • Grab OncallXY
      lol things aren't that bad mate but yes there's a hiring freeze going on to optimize current distribution of employees and any sensible person would agree that its a good thing to happen given that Grab is changing its priorities from transport business to food, maps and payment businesses.

      IPO may happen in 3 year time or later.
      Sep 15
    • Microsoft djdjhdjdnx
      When is hiring expected to resume?
      Sep 22
  • Grab RQXV64
    A word of warning that if you are at one of those higher levels that might pay well, you'll be spending a lot of time in meetings at night. And probably pressured subtlely or not to travel more than you might like. Ymmv
    Sep 18 0