Grace Hopper Conference 2019

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Jul 22 4 Comments

1) Does Microsoft offer tickets to employees for GHC? Is accomodation also included or do we book that on our own?
2) If yes, are these tickets transferable?

My wife really wants to attend this conference but was unable to get a ticket during general registration 😞 Hence I wanted to check if there was still a chance to get a ticket for her. Where else can I post to check if anyone is tranferring/ selling tickets for GHC 2019?

Edit: I was under the impression that some employers provide compensation for the tickets and scholarships to attend the conference. Hence I asked.


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  • Microsoft Queasy
    Yes they do but tickets are super expensive and very hard to come by. So they have a limited number assigned by lottery to certain teams. I know a lot of women who work at Microsoft and have attempted to attend multiple years in a row and have had no luck getting tickets. The whole thing has gotten ridiculous IMO.
    Jul 22 0
  • I have a GHC ticket available. Contact me if you still need one.
    Sep 3 0
  • LinkedIn


    sex work, quantum computing, and crypto HFT
    I searched all over too couldn't find any. Last year's some people were selling on Twitter but don't see any
    Jul 22 0
  • New / Eng FAANG_
    Wait for a month then ask again perhaps people received a scholarship then they could transfer their ticket. Next year try to buy a ticket earlier because it sold out within hours.
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