Graduating in mechanical engineering at top school but having huge doubts— time to pivot?

Apple vandope
Sep 11 5 Comments

I’ll have both a B.S. and M.S. at a top 4 university (for MechE). I have held product design internships and worked at the top companies, but I can’t help but feel that:
- product design and mechanical engineering roles are almost never as glamorous as they seem (You don’t ~really~ get to come up with product designs, you just make make models/drawings/TAs/etc)
- pay is significantly lower compared to other fields with equal experience (ie software or data science)
- hours tend to be longer than other positions
- Any reputable MechE job tends to be in south bay (not exciting for someone entering mid 20s)

I genuinely love some of the work I’ve done during my schooling and at some of my internships. But I am still doubtful that this is the best career path for me.

I am highly considering a data/software bootcamp or another means of pivoting. Given that data/programming were some of my favorite parts of the mechanical engineering work I’ve done, it seems reasonable albeit challenging.

Has anyone else made a similar decision? Any advice from those on either side?

TC: previously $45/hr @internship


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  • Google jimmy2222
    You'll be fine, just learn LRU Cache and Trapping Rainwater.
    Sep 11 1
    • Credit Karma ckgogo
      Rain water 1 or 2?
      Sep 11
  • Twilio gjorefg
    Sep 11 1
    • Apple vandope
      What is confusing you? :)
      Sep 11
  • New / Eng jdvS81
    Nothing wrong with trying a code boot amp. Worst case you become more smart in tech and stay with ME
    Sep 11 0