Green card per country cap

Cisco / Eng @@blind@@
Feb 9 17 Comments

How long it will take for Indian to get green card if per country cap is removed? Please note limited employment based green cards are issued every year. Assuming 140 applied today.


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  • We should have per country cap for H1B, then so many Indians won't get stuck for so long. More than 80% H1b's goes to Indians.
    Feb 9 9
    • Atlassian !available
      Interesting idea. Why not based on the % of population of a country out of total world population. For example, if australia makes 1% of world population, it gets 1% of total h1 visas.
      Feb 9
    • Yup. Let's give 80% green card to the Indians based on their population. Indians hire/promote themselves, they get much more advantage in getting jobs, from their fellow countrymen/friends. Without country cap, US will become another India. Let's make that happen.
      Feb 9
    • Atlassian !available
      Hmm...glad you said that! Give visas based on merit and not by nationality. Lets stack rank. Its not fair based on country. Hire the best than mediocre talent irrespective of the country.
      Feb 9
    • A country can't be run like a company. There is a point US value diversity so much. Country cap is there to ensure diversity. Thousands of Indians come here through the consulting companies and then they will be given GC. People from other countries don't have such privilege. How are we measuring merits here? Indians are much more privileged and favored by their own people, compared to other nationalities. It's not a fair ground.
      Feb 10
    • Atlassian !available
      How are you so sure that people from India are favored? I agree that body shop companies from India exploit the visas, but to generalize people and put people who have earned their masters and PhDs from top unis, is utter ignorance. Merit can be based on mix of criteria like education, awards, scholarships received, grants received, recognition of research, citation count, patents, impact factor of research, salary, etc. H1 visa is primarily for specialty occupation and not for diversity. Ditto for employment based green card.
      Feb 10
    • There is EB1, NIW for such people. Not all PhD's, researchers, blah blah from India are not top notch. They are favored due to nepotism and their huge population in all other areas too. My point is making the GC cap based on population will just lose its effectiveness of ensuring diversity.
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft cs75
      "Not all PhDs, researchers blah blah from India are top notch" - As a general rule, an Indian PhD is low quality, whereas an Indian person with a US PhD is top notch, especially as Asians need higher test scores for admissions.
      Feb 10
    • Atlassian !available
      Agreed that H1/GC based on population will not work. But your argument of having cap on h1/country is not good either. H1 is for specialty occupation and so is employment based GC. If you are concerned about diversity, there is a separate GC program just to address diversity.

      My point here is that merit trumps all other ways to distribute H1 visa and employment based green card. That way, it will weed out unqualified candidates not only from India but from other countries too. Will there still be a huge backlog for people from India? Yes, but then its a fair system and its not a numbers game of population or number of applications anymore.

      Also, not all people from other countries, are top notch and yet they are favored and get a GC. What data points do you have when you say that a indian who has PhD or MS from top university in US is average? Do you know how hard it is for immigrants to get scholarships in the US universities? It takes great score in GRE and TOEFL + excellent academic record( past and future) to get stipend + full tuition waiver for M.S. or PhD.

      Anyways, the US is not going to change laws based on my view point. So no need for me to be a keyboard warrior here and convince people who are incredibly biased. Good luck mate ๐Ÿ‘
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft oMAG58
      PhD regardless of where it is obtained is irrelevant in determining whether a person has merit. Period. This is North America, not Asia, get that mindset out of here.
      Feb 11
  • VMware VMwhere?
    Itโ€™s not happening. Such bills have been introduced in Congress multiple times in last few years. It never goes to floor for voting. Never will.
    Feb 9 3
    • Google ohwoww
      It passed house in 2012 with overwhelming majority 385 or something.

      It had 99 votes in senate and died because a senator had put hold. It didn't get time on floor because there were no other vehicles to attach the bill to, so required unanimous consent.

      Last few years 213 was introduced late 2 sessions ago. Last session, it was part of DHS bill, which would have passed had not Trump held it for the wall.

      The only solution to the backlog issue is legislation and given how the 3 pillars are structured, it's hard to get anything done.

      Also this bill was part of the comprehensive Immigration reform that passed senate in 2013(?) - (not sure about the year) and wasn't taken up in the house.
      Feb 9
    • New Egypt80
      Point of correction, dhs bill was not even brought to a vote before the government shutdown. The republican house did pass a wall funding bill but it was not the Yoder bill.
      It's misdirection to say that dhs bill was on the verge of passing if not for the government shut down. The government shut down occurred after spending bills had expired and after even the Irish e-3 visa bill had passed.
      What stopped the dhs bill from getting passed before the shutdown? Or before the midterms? Or earlier in the year? Why did it go down to the wire if it had such a chance?
      Feb 10
    • VMware vFucker
      @ohwoww talk to me when it passes. Till that time waste your time tracking it and praying to god that it passes. Nobody cares about legal immigrants. Not a political issue. Illegal immigrants on the other hand are. Legal immigrants are in worse situation than illegal immigrants and thatโ€™s the reality of this countryโ€™s immigration system. And it wonโ€™t change anytime soon.
      Feb 12
  • Amazon Skfnekf
    Around 5 - 7 years , but unlikely it would happen soon
    Feb 9 0
  • Amazon fIBOqmzSNT
    I pity the poor immigrant
    Whose strength is spent in vain
    Whose heaven is like Ironsides
    Whose tears are like rain
    Who eats but is not satisfied
    Who hears but does not see
    Who falls in love with wealth itself
    And turns his back on me
    Feb 9 1
    • Oath bYSQ03
      s/immigrant/amazon warehouse employee
      Feb 9