Greenwood to Microsoft commute

Amazon bezos,Jeff
May 28 5 Comments

Those living in greenwood, how’s the commute to redmond? Anyone biking to Greenlake P&R and taking the bus (does the Microsoft shuttle here have a bike rack) ?

210 tc, 3.5 YoE


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  • Tesla AnlD52
    Yeah move unless you want to spend 2 hours a day commuting. I have a current offer right now from ms and it took me 1.5 hours to get home from the onsite and I live one street off greenwood
    May 29 0
  • Nvidia civil
    Just don't. Live free on the Eastside.
    May 29 2
    • Amazon bezos,Jeff
      I bought a condo so moving isn’t quite as easy for me :(
      May 29
    • Nvidia civil
      You've completed step 1: realizing your mistake, now flip it for 2x east side properties
      May 29
  • New / Sales

    New Sales

    Bike all the way. It'll get you in great shape.
    May 29 0


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