Groupon full stack engineer salary?

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Apr 18 6 Comments

What does full stack engineer base and total pay look like at Groupon in Seattle


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  • Groupon STCO30
    Groupon has pretty competitive pay for the most part. I got a pretty sizable jump in comp moving from amazon to Groupon. That said, I would not recommend joining Groupon right now. Things have been in really rough shape the last year or so. Bonuses were only funded at 48%, constant reorgs, outsourcing teams to India, and just look at the stock chart.
    Apr 18 0
  • Why move to Groupon...?
    Apr 18 0
  • Microsoft probablyme
    It must depend on your level and experience you have. But based on the offer I got last year, I feel their base pay may be better than Amazon, and do have cash bonus too. They offer RSUs, but compared to Amazon, that could be pretty low
    Apr 18 0
  • Groupon nobodyimp
    Comp is very competitive, base is actually better. Yes bonus was lower than the target on an average but some people got close to the 100% target. 48million+ active customers use Groupon and its profitable. Company is working hard to improve results which will increase stock price and will make TC very attractive.
    Apr 27 1
    • Groupon stacko
      How many 'some' people?
      Apr 30
  • Facebook / Eng kdjdhhec
    Pay is terrible. I doubled my comp by going to FANG. That's after arguing for a year and getting two massive raises during that time.
    May 29 0


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