Gusto Denver 4 yoe SE TC?

Microsoft / Eng cvkpxa
May 22 5 Comments

What's a good number to give the recruiter for initial TC expectations?

Asking for a friend.

My TC: 160k


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  • NetApp python46
    They likely wont meet your current TC, interviewed there and salary was low. Equity does seem highly likely to pay off soon but I heard it wouldn’t be for 2-3 years still. I disagree with the person above though, seemed like a great place to work
    May 22 0
  • IBM un2b8n
    Gusto sucks my dude they didn’t even get back to me. tell them to go frig themselves and always ask for 15k more than your top expectation if they press you for that
    May 22 3
    • Microsoft / Eng cvkpxa
      They didn't get back to you after you gave a number?
      May 22
    • IBM un2b8n
      Nah I got auto screened by their web portal
      May 22
    • Gusto YKjW00
      PM me if you want
      May 22