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Say for this scenario, I’m on OPT right now, if I’m selected in 2019 H-1B lottery with consular option, then I’ve got a better offer in June or July, and I’ve jumped ship to another company before Oct 1st.

1. Will my H-1B automatically be void? I’ve heard its impossible to transfer a non-activated H-1B.
2. If I want to apply for H-1B in 2020, do I need to hit lottery once again, or just directly apply for a new H-1B because of “you only need to hit lottery once in a lifetime” rule?


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  • Netflix enjoylyfe
    1) H1b is activated in October 2019. So you need to be with the company that got the approved H1B at the time it is activated. Since it hasn't been activated before October 1, you can't transfer an inactive visa.
    2) since you didn't activate your H1b, you don't have anything that passed the lottery. So you'd have to redo the lottery process in 2020 to get another valid H1b which will get activated in October 2020 if you get through the process.
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    • Facebook / Eng bananasa
      Thx for your reply!
      Mar 5
  • Yes and yes
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  • Roku Mr.T
    1. As far as I know, this is correct. Not possible to transfer a non activated H1B. Though people have done it years ago, this doesn’t seem to be possible now.
    2. Yes, you will have to go through lottery again.
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  • Juniper / Data blueiron
    There is no such “you only need to hit lottery once in a lifetime” rule
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