H-1B spouse work ban pushed ahead by homeland security

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Feb 22 20 Comments


The prohibition would affect wives and husbands of H-1B visa holders on track for a green card. University of Tennessee researchers have estimated that *93 percent of the approximately 100,000 spouses, who are on the H-4 visa, are women from India*.


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  • Microsoft ocnwkxhw
    H1B needs a complete overhaul. There are not 100,000 jobs that Americans are incapable of filling
    Feb 22 9
    • I hire in the 45 plus range. I know they won’t leave quickly and do solid coding, no drama.
      Feb 22
    • Homeaway ppMg64
      JSnowflake did you come to US on an H1B Visa?
      Feb 22
    • Amazon JSnowflake
      No, I was born in the US.
      Feb 22
    • Apple Snut Ella
      @JSnowflake - your metric might be off. There are competent AmCits that can do many H1-b jobs. At the given rates. They may need additional training or take longer to ramp. But those are different things. H1-b’s aren’t about find the best possible candidate, they are for finding the only candidate.
      Feb 22
    • Amazon JSnowflake
      I hire every American Citizen I can get my hands on who can meet Amazons bar, as long as I have open headcount. I am not going to lower the bar though and try to train Americans who can't write code or have other fundamental deficiencies.
      Feb 22
  • Microsoft innocent
    The unemployment rate is historically low and there are so many high paying positions open that there are not enough talents to fill. What's the justification for work ban? Trump supporters claim immigrants are lazy and drains warefare. But guess what? Trump wants to prevent legal immigrants from working and contributing to the US for no reason.
    Feb 22 2
    • New eSt6g
      because it makes me more valuable and i get more pay
      Feb 22
    • DigitalOcean f4y39xc2
      You are not an immigrant till you get green card. H1B is non immigrant visa.
      Feb 22
  • Vlocity FTJU
    Why can spouses of l1 visas work and not h1? I know a few people on l1 whose spouses have jobs.
    Feb 22 1
    • New


      Because L1 is a transfer visa, it’s often not even your decision to make, you have to move to US because your project is being transfered, and why your wife should be punished by that? Your are an important part of the project and your employer knows you. H1B is a sponsorship visa and the situation is different here... Although I don’t think it’s fair, it’s a little different.
      Feb 22
  • Microsoft Hhr(4:?:&@
    Yeah true and remove country cap from Green Card so Indians can get 95% of GC's as well.
    Feb 22 1
  • New / Eng sparked
    Welp that’s dumb. Although I am a little surprised that H-4 Visa holders couldn’t work prior to 2015; I’d be interested in hearing any anecdotal info regarding how the change in 2015 impacted H1B holders and what this current proposal may impact
    Feb 22 1
    • LinkedIn Blimp!
      Not all H4 visa holders can work. Only those H4 visa holders whose spouse on H1b has been deemed eligible for greencard can work.

      The executive order was passed in 2015 because the backlog queue of greencard was growing for Indians and Chinese due to arbitrary country quota in greencard path.

      It was a progression in terms of immigration. Generally people on H1b have STEM educated spouses and smarter ppl would want to be in US only if the spouse can also work.

      But this administration and some people who are against employment based immigrations, keep spewing out stuff immigrants are reducing wages as just a rhetoric and don’t do anything wise about it. For example, if lowering wages are a problem, set a minimum wage for immigrants than just summarily saying we don’t want immigrants.

      More conservative the immigration becomes, smarter ppl move away. US will have to deal with immigrants who will depend on social security than the ones who can contribute to it.
      Stat: Currently only 10% of US immigration is employment based (ppl who pay SSN taxes), rest 90% is diversity lottery or family based.

      Hope US learns from Canada about merit based immigration than doing petty things based on rhetorics
      Feb 22
  • Amazon m00m0y3
    Wow 93% ?!
    Feb 22 0