H1-B Layoff

VMware Gj&p#5Q
Feb 1

If I join another company before my termination date – will I receive paychecks from 2 employers – the company that laid off and the new employer?
Can we be on payroll of 2 employers on H1B?


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  • Forget the payment, you need to adjust the dates of your joining new employer and termination date of your old employer. There should be no gap...doesn’t matter if you get 2 paycheck. Remember one can be on multiple the lawyer, don’t rely on online forums for this. This is your livelihood...don’t take chances.
    Feb 14
    • VMware Gj&p#5Q
      I have an offer already. So there won't be any gap.. I'm worried about the overlap in paychecks
      Feb 1
    • RackWare Dreamlight
      Aren't we allowed to have 60 days of unemployment?
      Feb 1
    • Dropbox GGMW32
      If you already have an offer, ask your new company as soon as you sign.
      Feb 1
    • PayPal codestar
      Yeah what about the 60 days of unemployment
      Feb 1
  • BlackRock Lary
    You can have as many paychecks processed as long as each comes from an employer that have an H1B petition in your name ... so chill and enjoy the extra money 💵
    Feb 10
  • Microsoft Desitechie
    Stop being a moron and happily accept the two paychecks
    Practical chances of getting in trouble are nill
    Feb 10
  • RingCentral Duck-Bezos
    I don’t think so you can. But ask this to your current immigration firm.
    Feb 12
    • VMware Gj&p#5Q
      So do I have to tell old employer to stop the payment?
      Feb 1
    • Microsoft Microsofti
      I think you can get paid as final settlement but can’t be on payroll.
      Feb 1
  • VMware Codeyard
    You can only work for 1 Employer at a time on H1-B. Having said, you can apply and have multiple H1-B, but can only work for 1 at a time.
    Feb 41
    • VMware nsxi
      You can work for 2 companies. Just not full time in both. Google for "part time H1b"
      Feb 6
  • VMware VmWhere18
    Where are u headed ?
    Feb 70
  • VMware kkyU21
    It’s legal to have h1 from 2 employers and get 2 pay checks
    Feb 20
  • I was in the exact same situation a couple of years back. I received bi-weekly paychecks from two employers for two months. If USCIS audit you, you can show the termination letter from one of the employers. So you aren't doing anything illegal or breaking any laws. Just make sure you have termination letter from the old employer. IM me if you have further questions about this.
    Feb 10

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