H1 B related questions.Need information.

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Feb 9 3 Comments

Can anyone please help me answer below questions?

1.My pass port is expiring next year June, if I go for stamping before I apply for new passport will they give visa till my passport expiry date or till my I-797 expiry date?

2. In my passport I have my previous company Visa till this month end and my I-94 is also expiring this month end. I changed my company and got my new I-797 and I-94 document but haven’t gone for stamping yet. Incase if company does something wrong, can we still stay in 60 days grace period? Can we still stay as my I-94 with old company got expired and with new company I haven’t stamped yet. Please help me answer.


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  • Netflix enjoylyfe
    1) stamping is till I797 expiry date.
    2) As long as you have a valid I797 and I94, stamping doesn't matter for the 60 day rule.

    IANAL and this is from my own understanding of things
    Feb 9 1
  • New Stuvy
    I think 1 is dicey . It could be stamped until passport validity date or I94 expiry date.
    2 is a non issue. You have an I94 at the bottom of the I797 and that’s enough for legal stay
    Feb 9 0