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HighRadius / Sales ryangoslin
Jul 2 14 Comments

Hi All,

Recently accepted offer for a sales engineering role at AppD and waiting to file for H1 transfer. After reading all the posts about H1 transfers, very skeptical about it getting approved without an RFE. Wanted to see the success rate of folks getting approved without an RFE with premium processing. Also would appreciate tips on what can be added in the application to avoid an RFE in the first place.

Bachelors - mechanical engineering
Masters - Operations Research
YOE - 6yrs at SaaS B2B, 3 in sales
TC - 120, New TC - 215

H1b transfer approval?



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TOP 14 Comments
  • Trimble dwightBeet
    Got a RFE. Waiting for the attorneys to send a response
    Jul 8 9
    • Expedia / Eng RslS72
      Whoa..that's too much time
      Jul 8
    • Might be more. My last case took 11 weeks
      Jul 8
    • Trimble dwightBeet
      For the response to be sent or for the final approval from USCIS?
      Jul 9
    • Lawyer sent response couple days before deadline on day 84.
      Jul 9
    • Yelp Hsbsjabs
      I am in a similar situation. How long did it take for uscis to send the response?
      Jul 16
  • Trimble msad27
    @ryangoslin Did you get an RFE for the Sales Engineer position?
    Aug 14 1
    • F5 Networks / Eng go()
      Did you get one? How did it go?
      Sep 9
  • HighRadius / Sales ryangoslin
    Operations Research
    Jul 2 0
  • OR?! What is that
    Jul 2 0