H1B 2020 return packages

New Haca54
Jul 8 4 Comments


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  • Apple MyYO05
    Jul 8 3
    • Why?

      Statistically, at least as many qualified, needed visa’s will be denied now as unqualified.

      I’m not saying it’s needed, I don’t know enough to have a real opinion on that, but surely it’s not just cross-the-board good...
      Jul 8
    • Rackspace 3dySia
      Qualified vs Unqualified? Bruh, next thing you know Border patrol officer asking you to solve a DP question at the port of entry. Lol.
      Sorry OP, good looks for next year.
      Jul 8
    • Apple MyYO05
      H1b has been abused for a long time by mostly tech and financial companies.

      Looking at you 5’6 Indian.
      Jul 8


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