Anthem bbjkthulu
Jun 9 8 Comments

If you are contracting, Is it possible to find out whether your employer actually filed your H1B petition?

P.S: I only have an LCA copy as proof. My employer hasn’t updated me whether it is picked or not?


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  • New INPe72
    This post is a joke and shows how paranoid you are.

    First off, I have no idea why you or any of the below commentators are engaging with you on such a dumb question. If your employer, or prospective employer, confirmed the H-1B petition was filed, then guess what? OMG--- rely on that information that your EMPLOYER'S H-1B petition was filed. Let me clarify, the H-1B petition that is filed is done so on your EMPLOYER'S BEHALF as the petitioner and you are merely the beneficiary, who can be replaced on the H-1B petition, if so necessary. If your employer, who most likely has immigration counsel, has indicated that the H-1B petition was filed, then you have no reason to question them or assume it was not. It would be unethical, wrong, and illegal to confirm that it was filed, if it was not.

    Second off, just spreading some knowledge on this website because so many of you are clueless about the immigration system. Just because an LCA was filed, does NOT mean an H-1B petition was filed. It simply means that an LCA was filed. This does NOT confirm that the other measures for compliance purposes were taken (ex. posting of the LCA for US workers to see/ maintaining PAF).

    Thirdly, your employer hasn't confirmed if your H-1B was picked? Guess what, it probably wasn't. Your employer will receive a hardcopy of each H-1B petition along with a rejection notice. Typically the standard process for companies, which is highly efficient, is that the company waits for ALL rejections to come in and then they send mass email to employees to confirm that all petitions were adjudicated or in the process of adjudication by USCIS and yours was not selected.
    Jun 9 1
    • Anthem bbjkthulu
      Don’t act too smart, you only looked like an Idiot with such a long reply, everything you said was quite obvious. Hope u could sleep well every night.
      Jun 10
  • Anthem bbjkthulu
    Jun 9 3
    • Bloomberg / Eng

      Bloomberg Eng

      Bloomberg LP
      You can actually, see:

      Although you’ll have to work out/guess which petition is yours if it’s a big company
      Jun 9
    • Anthem bbjkthulu
      That was a great help, I was able to find my petition and verify that it was filed, thanks.

      So should I assume that my petition was not picked in the lottery since its too late to expect that.
      Jun 9
    • CVS Health zzwJ42
      DOL website only shows LCA which is different from I-129 (what you call petition) .
      Jun 9
  • CVS Health zzwJ42
    Unfortunately, not.
    Jun 9 0
  • Sanofi VVRI77
    @ Op how did you find out that your employer filled the application?
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