H1B Petition Approval - When are RFE’s sent?

Microsoft / Eng xbtass
May 13 8 Comments

My petition got selected in lottery (I got a receipt last week). I’m wondering when RFEs are typically sent?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft / Eng gqne23
    MS FTEs don’t usually get RFEs
    May 13 1
    • Asurion yeyeahh
      Absolutely not true
      May 13
  • Jet.com / Eng coderb
    I had recently come to know that uscis no longer gives and rfe but outright rejects it. This rule came into effect this past November I think. Is that not true?
    May 22 1
    • Microsoft / Eng xbtass
      Hadn’t heard anything like that...
      May 28
  • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
    Adjudication takes much longer now than it used to so it might take many months until they processs your case. I got an RFE in Dec and approval in late Jan for last cycle.
    May 16 1
    • Microsoft / Eng xbtass
      Cheers for that!
      May 19
  • Intel / Eng hton
    Had you applied through premium?
    May 14 1
    • Microsoft / Eng xbtass
      No! Not premium.
      May 15