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I just got an RFE on my H1B petition at PwC. This is my first time applying and I got through the lottery. I am currently on F1-OPT.

However, recently I got an offer at FAANG for obviously much higher TC.

Should I join FAANG and retry the lottery or just hang tight at this point?

PwC says it will take them 4-8 weeks to craft response and file under premium processing, but won’t share details about the RFE.

I have also applied for STEM OPT Extension.


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  • Optum sshres2
    Stay put; my 2 cents. Get H1B first and then transfer to other companies.
    Oct 30 0
  • Facebook Gyi bklf
    Stay with Pwc until you get h1b cleared. Ask your faang offer to wait as you are in this situation. Once you get h1b cleared you can choose.
    If you cracked Faang now you can again for sure. Buy lottery you never know
    Oct 30 0
  • PwC WAvsMN
    In general, RFE means high chance of denial right?
    Oct 30 1
    • Zynga parott
      No everyone gets RFE these days.
      Oct 30
  • Walmart wowzie
    4-8 weeks is common and plus 2 weeks ( you want to update as premium processing). ALSO, Ask the FAANG company to delay the joining by 2 months by explaining your situation.
    Oct 30 0
  • Airbnb airtime
    Hang tight, else you would loose your spot in the lottery, ask the FANG company to get you a joining date in November, and apply for premium transfer once you get your h1b in October
    Oct 30 0
  • Intel GNHv43
    Stay put. Get H1B and then switch.
    Oct 30 0
  • Uber / Product grooot
    Stay with PwC, ask new company to wait. In some ways it’s better for new company if you clear your RFE because then they can simply transfer your H1 instead of having to pay for it in a few months. Talk to hiring manager, often recruiters don’t understand these nuances.
    Oct 30 0
  • Cisco diwali2019
    Stay with PWC until H1 is approved . RFE doesn’t mean denial. 60% of application gets the RFE and out of that more than 60% are approved
    Most FAANG can wait 4-8 weeks if you can explain this situation
    Oct 30 0


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