H1B consular notification

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Mar 14 6 Comments

What are the pros and cons of filing h1b with consular notifications ?


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  • Akamai Technologies dut
    In consular..The officer interviewing you has the ability to deny the application even though the petetion is approved by uscis. Thats what my lawyer said
    Mar 141
  • Teradata / R&D🦁king
    Get a new i94?
    Mar 140
  • Amazon @&86/)/?3
    Check your sevis status if it updates to H1 automatically. Followup with your school to update the records accordingly. Have heard that the status changes to H1 in SEVIS automatically even for consular applications. I’m referring to applications that are approved through consular.
    Mar 140
  • Veritas / StrategyxWfa06
    What dies that mean ?
    Mar 140
  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    Subscribing to the thread.

    BTW what does lawyer says?
    Mar 140

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