H1B doubt.

Amazon / Eng wOxp85
Nov 18 12 Comments

I have recently accepted an SDE (ML) role with Alexa AI. I wanted to know if it would be an issue at the time of my H1 stamping given my masters is in analytics/machine learning and the role stating as SDE. However, the work that I would be doing is completely related to machine learning except for the title not conveying this. Should I be worried about this?


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  • Herbalife UMeFriend
    For machine learning you might get approval in USA but your port of entry or visa stamping might get denied for sure outside of USA
    Nov 18 2
    • Reliable Software / Eng Sugoidesu
      Nov 18
    • New


      Started blind to get some break from work. Now I work to get some break from blind.
      "Might get denied for sure." 🤦‍♂️
      Nov 18
  • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
    In worst case if it does they will give you option.
    Nov 18 2
    • Amazon / Eng wOxp85
      what option?
      Nov 18
    • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
      To either role back to your old role or xfer to a different country.
      Nov 20
  • Symantec / Eng neshama
    The lawyers will take care of it. They will craft a job description that fits all this.
    Nov 18 0
  • eBay / Other thalaAjith
    The VO will approve as soon as they see your employer name. Don't worry
    Nov 18 2
    • Netflix zlaE67
      This is no longer true. I've seen Amazon h1s get rfe
      Nov 18
    • Symantec / Eng neshama
      No longer true. FAANG get RFEs too these days
      Nov 18
  • Citadel Securities wagecuck3
    It should not be an issue. Consular officers will not refuse H-1B stamping unless there is evidence of fraud or serious error of USCIS in approving your petition. In your case, this is just normal USCIS discretion so it will not be re-litigated.
    Nov 18 0
  • Apple WOZ19
    Nov 18 0


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