H1B extension validity

Cloudera / Eng Candycrush
May 9 5 Comments

I got H1B last year, so I have 2 more years of validity.
I know that it can be extended for 2 years after that .
I haven't filed for green card application yet and I am switching company soon. So when should I be applying for green card and how long will it take to reach the stage when I can extend H1B again after the 3+2 year extension.

TC 200k


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  • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
    Google it! Lol

    If PERM is filed you get 1 yr extension, with I-140 you get unlimited renewals after 6 years. Ideally you should have your company file ASAP and no later than end of 5th year on H1B. You’ll be cutting it close and there is a chance your petition may go into audit and you get F’d.
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  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    CA Technologies, Bloomberg LP
    Probably really should be talking to an immigration lawyer.
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  • New / IT Fun22Tango
    With a handful of tech patents and steep career growth to a Director or Executive VP Level, you may become eligible for a EB1 Category which would be a 6 months +/- 1 month to get a Green Card from start to finish. EB2 category, the rate at which current queue is progressing, probably after another 100 years, so you better begin the process as soon as possible.
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    • Cloudera / Eng Candycrush
      I think I would belong to eb2 category. So if I apply for green card end of this year, will that suffice to get my extension after 4 years
      May 9
    • New / IT Fun22Tango
      May 9