H1B hiring in Verizon?

Sprint / Eng tplc80
Aug 5 12 Comments

I have been trying to get into Verizon for a while now, but everytime I get same response that my qualifications are not a match even though I have every qualification they are looking for. I am thinking this could be due to my H1b visa status. Do you guys know how to get into Verizon on a H1B? I am looking opportunities in network design/planning/optimization.


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  • Comcast / Data vFWC42
    I got three interview calls from different departments in Verizon and none of them were sponsoring H1B. They are hiring lot of contractors though.
    Aug 6 0
  • Verizon tuMp28
    I know many people in Verizon on H1B
    Aug 6 0
  • Verizon / R&D ComTruise
    Lot of H-1B in Verizon. What location are you looking at?
    Aug 6 1
    • Sprint / Eng tplc80
      Dallas, Atlanta or Chicago.. I was told they only take H1 in IT side. I am looking for jobs in RF Side.
      Aug 6
  • Verizon / Eng iPri62
    They aren’t hiring H1Bs right now. I heard it directly from HR when they asked me to call all the prospective candidates from colleges. For non/entry level they might make an exception if your skill set is desirable enough but typically we just bring contractors in 99% of the time over hiring.
    Aug 9 0
  • Verizon reallytea
    sponsoring is hard but sponsorship transfers are possible
    Aug 8 0
  • Sprint SystemLord
    Same here .. I have applied multiple times for RF engineering 2 and 3 positions .. every time they say I don’t meet the requirements.. I not only meet all the requirements , I exceed them lol. I am in telecom for more than a decade now. I am applying for the Walnut Creek CA positions . Then I heard that Verizon only takes software engineering positions in H1B .. not RF engineering. Smh !!
    Aug 6 0
  • Arista Networks / Eng Xyzabcdefg
    Yes they are hiring as contractors via a consultation firm so that hire,fire and replacement is easy
    Aug 6 0
  • Verizon cabless
    They are not hiring FTE who are on H1B, in Ashburn area. Not sure about Atlanta or Tampa.
    Aug 6 0
  • Verizon XtfV82
    They do take h1b....
    Aug 6 0
  • Verizon YBjl12
    Many H1Bs. I have heard there is ongoing FTE hiring freeze in VZ though
    Aug 6 0
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield BertMaclin
    Welcome to the “Perils of Per-Country Limits”. An american citizen and you have been successfully displaced by ROW/Indian Immigrant who got a GC before you.
    Aug 5 0


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