H1B lottery done: 201K Applications

Cavium JqFrjV1n
Apr 11 16 Comments


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  • Dropbox systest
    FYI: You can call up SEVIS for results, as they know lottery results early if you’re on F1. Please do not spam/abuse them, only do it if you’re making a major life decision based on results. Last time they got spammed and they shut it down.
    Another way is to log in to SEVP portal but that updates more slowly.
    Apr 11 12
    • New / Other AuntHilda
      I am sorry for being ignorant here. I am currently on H4 EAD. My company filed my H1b petition earlier this month. Are we saying that the results are already out if I will get H1b or not? Thanks.
      Apr 11
    • Google / Other tTLs
      I believe the lottery is done. The result isn't out yet.

      A backdoor for result for those in F1 is the sevp system. Additionally, your lawyer would know if you got selected, if he can track the check cashing (which will happen over a period of time).
      Apr 11
    • Dropbox systest
      If the lawyers check is cashed, make sure to ask for receipt number too. Receipt number is written on the back of the check and should appear in bank records.
      Apr 11
    • Intel Dobby!
      SEVP portal will show an update under history if you get picked in the lottery.

      Source: I noticed this change in my account last year.
      Apr 11
    • ANSYS sam1
      Is the SEVP portal update immediate?
      Apr 12
  • Oracle / Mgmt aiabc
    A lot of the consulting companies applications may be rejected this time in bulk
    Apr 11 1
  • Facebook / Mgmt Peoplepeop
    Good ‘
    Apr 11 0