H1B sponsorship in Tesla

Amazon / Product QKzI21
Mar 26 6 Comments

Does Tesla sponsor H1B transfer for operations roles?


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  • Tesla / Eng sgzP07
    You'll get laid off before immigrations team even has a chance to start your petition, lol
    Mar 26 0
  • Amazon carr carr
    tesla job security is low. don’t go if you have a choice
    Mar 26 0
  • Tesla YepM83
    Yes they do. But goddamn the process sucks major D plus with the job uncertainties and shit.
    Apr 4 0
  • Oath Summan
    Yes, after 6 months
    Mar 27 0
  • Tesla My Deer,
    Mar 27 0
  • Lyft crossfire
    Mar 27 0