H1B stamping in Canada

Cognizant blxyz123
Jun 8 5 Comments

H1B stamping in Canada after employer change:

I am planning to get my stamping in Canada this year. My visa status is H1B with an I140 and a change in employer.

Any experience with Montreal or Ottawa consulates, on the interview and the timeline to get the passport back? Thank you in advance.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • F5 Networks dontalk2me
    Are you trolling us. There is no such shit as H1B in Canada. GTFO
    Jun 8 2
    • Microsoft kebabs
      There's no US Consulates in Canada? That's unusual
      Jun 8
    • Cognizant blxyz123
      @donttalk2me, I don’t need to GTFO for you being idiot. I’m here to get information to get my H1B stamping done in an US consulate in Canada. Your opinion is not required here.
      Jun 8
  • I did in Toronto because it was easier to get an appointment there.
    Jun 8 1
    • Cognizant blxyz123
      Thank you. How long did it take to get the passport back?
      Jun 8