H1B transfer approved in 49 days

Microsoft MVcp37
Mar 11 17 Comments

Case filed in regular processing on Jan 18 at California center. No updates on case history untill March 8th, when it was approved!

Hang in there folks!

New position : AMZN
Role : SDE


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Bank of America / DatatSWv17
    That's wow! Congrats! Hope it's as smooth for others too!
    Mar 110
  • PayPal RightRight
    I am waiting from last 45 days....👀
    Mar 112
    • Anthem bonog
      Same, my receipt date is Jan 22.. did your petition transfer to any other location?
      Mar 11
    • Microsoft MVcp37
      Nope stayed at California
      Mar 11
  • Microsoft PHJq47
    Congrats! Can you not apply for the transfer in premium processing?
    Mar 111
    • Microsoft MVcp37
      Couldn't since premium processing is only available for transfer applications submitted before Dec 21
      Mar 11
  • Uber / Engutvh9
    CS degree? YOE?
    Mar 111
  • Intel kryptonite
    Congrats! Was this at wac or transferred to vermont?
    Mar 111
    • Microsoft MVcp37
      Stayed at California; this is as per myUSCIS case history page
      Mar 11
  • Apple bPMx53
    Been waiting for 6 months. Even after upgrading to premium processing, it's been 18 days and no result 🤦‍♂️
    Mar 110
  • New / Biz Dev

    NewBiz Dev

    Mercedes Benz, Intel Corporation, Zenefits
    Congrats man , Some of the lucky folks got within 2 months, I am still waiting for mine.
    Mar 110
  • Oracle samu78
    Mine was filed on Feb 08 no update since then, no receipt either.

    You showed me silver lining 🙂

    New Position: Amzn
    Mar 110
  • McAfee tweety27
    You are one of those lucky people . Enjoy 😊
    Mar 110
  • KPMG CBGa86
    I am jealous of you! Congrats!
    Mar 110
  • Amazon ytxitz
    Congratulations! Really hope things get better for other folks too
    Mar 110
  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    Congratulations 🍾
    Mar 110

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