H1b to F1, I need help

New Helena
Jul 10 3 Comments

Good evening everyone,

I need help from someone who had the same experience for changing the visa from H1b to F1.
I got admitted top 50 U.S university for my master's degree. They offered me T. A ship and monthly stipends.
I am currently on my H1b visa, and It has been 8 months. I have not filled any immigrant petition.
I am planning to go back to my home country at the end of July and go to the F1 visa interview.

1. I am planning to take three weeks of vacation from work, and go to the F1 visa interview. (At this point I am still having my H1b visa) Is there anyone has done the same thing?

2. Or, Is there anyone who quit their job before the interview and got the F1 visa?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I have been not able to sleep or eat by worrying too much.

Thank you so much in advance!!


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  • eBay / Product blitzer
    It depends if you are pursuing a full time program like a Masters or going to school part-time (evening or wknd classes) and working full time. Usually for H1B to F1 status change you need to be enrolled in minimum number of units each semester if you are going full-time. I believe at that point you basically quit your job, H1B cancels and you enter US on F1 status. If you are doing part-time, I believe your H1B stays valid and you go to school part-time. You should talk to the International student office at the college and also talk to your HR dept at work. You can have multiple valid US visas on your passport.
    Jul 10 2
    • New Helena
      Hi blitzer. Thank you so much for sharing.
      I am planning to go to school for the full time because that is what I need to get T.A ship - tuition waiver. Yes, I need to quit my job to go to school.
      But the reason why I want to keep my job is that just in case I don't get F1 visa, I would like to come back to work. I booked H1b stamping interview, also. :) I did not know I can have multiple valid US visas on my passport.. Is F1 and H1b can be one passport?
      Jul 10
    • eBay / Product blitzer
      Hi Helena,
      So it looks like you have H1B approval (I-797) but don’t have the H1B visa stamped on your passport. And your goal is to go back to school on F1.

      Then I’d say, you don’t need to quit your job yet. Go for the F1 visa interview, if its approved then cancel the H1 visa appt. Enter US on F1 and give your notice to your employer. If F1 visa is denied then you can go to the H1B visa appt. Dont try to get both visas though, then they can question what’s your true intent to go to US and deny both.

      And yes, you can have multiple non-immigrant visas F1, H1B, B2 all on one passport that were stamped at different points in time, what matters is on what status you ENTER the US. For example I could have got a 10 year B2 tourist visa and went back after year 2 to get F1, both visas would be valid.

      Its best to consult your situation with an immigration attorney. Go to Murthy.com, you can make a phone call appointment, I believe it’s about $200 for 20 mins. It’s worth it. All the best.
      Jul 10


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