H1b transfer

Microsoft xVeQ24
Mar 31 6 Comments

Is it safe anymore? I know a few people who had to leave the country because of rfe issues. And that too with like top tech like Fb, Amazon etc


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Amazon amzingg
    Donโ€™t join on receipt and wait for approval in hand.
    Mar 31 3
    • Microsoft xVeQ24
      Iโ€™m on opt. Can you explain how H1b transfers work
      Mar 31
    • SAP / Eng YeaNahYea
      If you're on opt, why are you even worrying about H1b transfer now? Worry about getting H1b first ๐Ÿ˜ถ
      Mar 31
    • Microsoft xVeQ24
      Because I have plans of moving to a different company but I need to decide when should I make the move
      Apr 1
  • LabCorp / IT

    LabCorp IT

    Since premium is now open just move safely with approval
    Apr 1 0
  • Dropbox systest
    With PP, you should definitely wait for approval
    Apr 1 0