H1b transfer and amendment together

Bank of America pOlF30
Apr 12 5 Comments

My new employer is going to file for an h1 transfer around April 20. My current employer just filed my H1b amendment/extension and got it approved starting April 10th. I haven't received my new I797 yet. Will my new employer attorney need this recently approved I797. Or can he still apply the transfer with the previous I797 I gave him, this old I797 is valid until Aug 2019.


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  • Deloitte ndidjeksk
    How long did your extension take if you don’t mind me asking..did you do premium processing?
    Apr 12 1
    • Bank of America pOlF30
      7 days in premium processing.. Clock starts once you receive receipt
      Apr 12
  • IBM / Eng pussylick
    The number of i797 in this post is damn too high.
    Apr 12 0
  • I never got my H1b transferred till this date. But, with premium processing and fragomen as an immigration attorney firm (guessing you are joining Amazon), it takes about 4-5 weeks to get approval.
    Apr 12 0
  • Yes, your new employee attorney should have all approvals copy. He should ask in first place.
    Apr 12 0