H4 EAD hiring in startups

Amazon jWhR71
Aug 18 7 Comments

Hi all,

My spouse is a H1B holder with an approved I-140, and I am contemplating moving to the US on a H4 visa, but I do not have a very good sense for whether startups in the Bay Area are open to hiring candidates on a H4 EAD? Would anyone be able to share their experiences with exploring opportunities with startups on a H4 EAD?

Thanks a lot for your inputs here!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Starups care only on skills, experience and expertise. In fact, EAD is much better to reduce costs and paper work
    Aug 18 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • NVIDIA bdei51
      Not true. Having EAD makes a big difference in most companies. Definitely a must for contractor jobs.
      Aug 18
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      Oh yeah you're right, I missed the "moving to the US" part.
      Aug 18
  • Autodesk DouP01
    Startups don’t ask what type of EAD you have, only the question “do you need visa sponsorship?” And all you need to answer is no and they’ll move on.
    Aug 18 1
    • Workday / Product tdf
      Move forward*
      Aug 18
  • Walmart chknabhalu
    Heard it but uscis went back to drawing board . H4ead is not getting killed now . They are finding new ways to screw with us :-)
    Aug 18 0
  • Amazon @_€
    With the current uncertainty over h4 EAD some companies are hesitant to hire H4 EADs.
    Aug 18 0