H4 EAD removal forgotten by Trump?

Microsoft expert123
Feb 10 5 Comments

Haven't heard any news about H4 EAD removal yet. It's been dragged so long. Hope USCIS is too busy to come up with removal rules and gets dragged past Trump's presidency.


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  • eBay / Eng joiutv
    read somewhere that USCIS backlog is at a CATASTROPHIC level right now.. they must be busy sorting that out atm
    Feb 10 2
    • Microsoft expert123
      Hope H4 EAD removal gets sinked to the bottom of their backlog and dragged past Trump administration
      Feb 10
    • Google ohwoww
      To be clear - the backlog is in the cases, or is it in the policy (regulation writers)? Because the folks who do policy aren't the same folks who adjudicate individual cases (like h1 renewal).

      Your lawyer who says they are backlogged makes this transitive guess that if there are lots of adjudicate able cases then they can't write regulation.

      This isn't true, but if they are defending lots of cases in court, they are distracted away from writing regulation, because the folks who might write regulation are often lawyers who also defend the agency actions in court.

      For example, family separation was an all hands on deck event for DHS, so all other work was dropped to meet the court deadline. (That's what I read in papers).
      Feb 11
  • New / Other AuntHilda
    Redbus have a couple of great threads about H4 EAD and the related timeline.
    Feb 10 0
  • Facebook kelsi
    @expert123: if it helps, there are a couple of websites that demonstrate hypothetical timelines for H4 ead removal based on how fast government moves from this point onwards.
    Feb 10 0