H4 visa confusion

Nov 7 12 Comments

I am curently on H1 visa in the US and will be getting married end of December in India.

1. Is it fine to apply for H4 visa(for my to-be-wife) and schedule an interview date as the slots get filled out fast. Will there be any official issues during the interview that she applied for H4 visa while she was still engaged(not married)?

2. And if it is fine to apply for H4 visa before marriage, what should be filled in the "marital status" and relationship with me?



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  • Cadence


    You are risking the interview if you are not married. I would recommend that get ‘court married’ before and have a marriage certificate in hand.
    Then you can explain that traditional wedding is scheduled in the coming weeks.

    They will ask - how did you meet and whats your story type of questions.
    Nov 7 3
    • OP
      Yes, I am doing a court marriage before the interview. Thanks
      Nov 7
    • Google / IT Nooglerish
      Fine to schedule in advance and fill status as will be on date of interview. I did the same
      Nov 7
    • EA ☕️
      Have photos and detailed info on marriage before going for interview. They can issue 211g if they aren’t satisfied
      Nov 8
  • Amazon Ksjsu
    Here are my thoughts, but definitely confirm with an attorney. It is fine to apply for H4 Visa but make sure that the visa appointment is ONLY after your wedding. You can put the marital status as married, since you will be married before the visa interview. Best wishes for your marriage!
    Nov 7 1
  • Expedia Group TJwY00
    I applied for my h4 Visa before I got married and setup my appointment after wedding. They will ask for proof of marriage- you will need to carry marriage certificate and wedding pics. There is no need to do a court wedding.
    Nov 7 0
  • Amazon Ksjsu
    You can ask questions to real attorneys in the following website. https://www.avvo.com/
    Nov 7 0
  • Google engg1
    I did 2 marriages to get around this problem. First one was a small function with very close family and got our marriage certificate using that.
    Wife applied for H4 based on this and was approved.
    Then 2 months later had the actual traditional marriage with all the relatives and friends and traveled back to US with her.
    Nov 7 1
    • OP
      Thanks for sharing. My only concern is that I am filing up DS160 before the court marriage. But yes by the time of the interview I will have my marriage certificate
      Nov 7
  • Proofpoint


    You are making big moves mistake by getting married 👰
    Nov 7 0
  • Commvault


    One more thing to think about is to get the marriage registration done before the interview date. If you are in cities its fine but little bit time consuming in smaller towns.
    Nov 7 0


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