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Apr 9 8 Comments

Hi all I am planning to apply h4ead for my wife but I may leave my current company in 2 months. So if I leave my company and join another company with H1b transfer before her ead gets approved. Will there be any issue with her application. I mean is it advisable to change company during ead filing process


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  • Better to apply for her ead while you transfer your h1b to new company. In this way her ead processing will be faster, assuming your new company will file h1b in premium. Otherwise ead can take 3-5 months.
    Apr 9 2
    • Google wFatDuck2
      Most likely right answer but also get a lawyer
      Apr 9
    • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
      No. Her H4 EAD won't be processed with premium since form I-539 is changed which means all the dependents have to go for finger scanning or something.

      Process changed for dependents now..

      It happened in March mid 2019.
      Apr 9
  • Microsoft IIeT35
    Can’t you just ask your wife for head? Is your relationship that bureaucratic you need to file for it?
    Apr 9 1
    • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
      May be, he can send the head petition at your home?
      Apr 9
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    You need a lawyer
    Apr 9 0
  • Qualcomm Socal_
    all this is very messy. ask a lawyer
    Apr 9 0
  • Oracle Slush
    Apr 9 0