HCL (Solutions Director) Vs Sr Prod Mgr @ small OMS product company Vs solution Architect at Fortna (DC Automation Prod)

Cognizant arizonia83
Nov 13 5 Comments

salary in the range of 160-180 .... recomendation ?


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  • Amazon / Eng hrOX06
    Am I reading it right, Director at 180? Is that for a quarter or something? I made 180/yr as SDE-1 longtime back
    Nov 14 1
    • The Home Depot / IT Hmr
      Cant compare FAANG kind of companies with every company out there. And yes, you are reading right.
      Nov 14
  • Target D1giOcean
    Location ? It really depends om that ! 180 in bay is different that texas and Atlanta !
    Nov 14 1
  • eBay bnskdkr
    Low ball offer
    Nov 13 0


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