HFT Intern seeking new grad / intern referrals

Akuna Capital / R&D 3-SAT
Jul 30 4 Comments

I'm currently a quant dev intern at an HFT firm, interning at Microsoft in the fall, and looking for new grad / intern referrals (might or might not graduate next year depending on return offers).

LC: 0, but have done pretty well in regional ICPC contests, Google code jam, Google interviews (passed HC 2/2 times).
I'm particuarly interested in companies working in the autonoumous vehicles space and have relevant experience.

Looking for referrals to companies including:
- Cruise Automation
- Waymo
- Lyft (level 5)
- Uber (ATG)
- Aurora
- Aptiv
- Argo AI
- Drive AI
- Nuro
- Zoox
- any other companies working on AV (or anything math heavy)

If you want a referral to Akuna, feel free to PM or just apply b/c almost everyone gets the hackerrank
Can PM resume on request; thanks in advance
YoE: 0; 4 internships by summer 2020
TC: prorated 150 base + 20ish housing = ~170k


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  • Cruise Automation mary.b
    Drive ai doesn’t exist anymore, child.
    Jul 30 1
    • Drive.ai ei92Gk
      maybe they meant Apple 😂😂
      Aug 1
  • NVIDIA gruse
    Stay hungry young blood
    Jul 30 1
    • Akuna Capital / R&D 3-SAT
      are you saying I shouldn't apply to nvidia?
      Jul 30